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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Chris and Conrad "Christmas Time"

Artist: Chris and Conrad
Song: Christmas Time
CD: Christmas
Genre: Christmas
Label: VSR Group

Thought-provoking and epic: the modern sound and poignant lyrics of Chris and Conrad [Chris Kuti and Conrad Johnson] will push your heart to desire a closer relationship with our Savior and inspire you to return the worship that is due to the King of Kings.

Influenced by Jars of Clay, David Crowder and Lifehouse, Chris and Conrad also pull from the ranks of yesterday’s mainstream hit makers such as Chicago, The Police and U2. Not to limit their music to these influences, Chris and Conrad encourage and insist on working with a multitude of other writers in generating new ideas.

Radio Contact:
Chris Chicago
Shamrock Media Group
Hype Radio Network
615.465.8247 - Office
615.975.7220 - Mobile

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