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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Susan Gray "Offering"

Artist: Susan Gray
Song: Offering
CD: Fireside
Genre: Christmas
Label: Independent

Susan Gray takes Christmas 'Fireside' with new CD!

“I named the album Fireside because these are songs that make you want to curl up next to the fire. They are songs that bring peace.”

Susan Gray’s Fireside is a collection of Christmas classics and worship songs focused on the peace and comfort brought by the birth of Jesus.

“There are hundreds of people around the country who are losing jobs and homes and their Christmas might be a time of tension,” Gray said. “I hope that, when they listen to the CD, people will be able to curl up by the Fireside and find peace in Jesus.”

Susan Gray is a singer/songwriter based in Houston who was raised in the foster-care system. She dedicates her time and talent to help orphan and foster children with Buckner International, a vast organization founded in 1879 with the purpose of caring for widows and orphans based on the New Testament mandate of Jesus Christ. For nearly 130 years, Buckner has cared for the diversified needs of those Jesus called“the least of these.”

“The Christmas before my mother died, I got to sing my first solo with her in the audience,” she said. “And even though I knew that it might be the last Christmas I would spend with her, there was this tremendous peace. The idea behind this CD was to recreate that same atmosphere for those who need it.”

SUSAN is available to do ON-AIR interviews ... ID tags & liners! She would love sharing her heart with your listeners this Christmas season!

Email Susan to set up a TIME!!

1. Hark!
2. Angels We Have Heard
3. Oh Come Let Us Adore Him
4. Little Town
5. Dona Nobis Pacem
6. Shine on Us
7. Silent Night
8. Humble King
9. Offering
10 Oh, Holy Night

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