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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ed Englerth "DIAL Business"

Artist: Ed Englerth
Song: DIAL Business
CD: DIAL Business
Genre: AC
Label: Independent

"D.I.A.L. Business" is the title cut of my latest CD. "D.I.A.L" is an acronym for "Dying Is A Lonely" ...... . Thus the full title is "Dying Is A Lonely Business"

The lyrics speak of the finality of death and the fact that death is something you do yourself, no one else can do it for you.
Here are the lyrics:Dying is a lonely business by ED Englerth
Even when the mourners gather round
The hard work belongs to you
Six good friends carry all that’s left
There’s no excuses to hold to
The choices are now thinner
And none are left for you
Be still, the game is over
And there are no final moves *
It’s no longer a matter of trust
there’s nothing to confess
there’s nothing to talk over
dying, is a lonely business
your job is well defined
it’s as narrow as your box
you can’t even change your mind
N’ all the doors are locked
It’s the most primitive journey
Now your eyes are closed
The mortal coil is empty
It no longer serves as host *
there’s one thing on which you can depend
death will never be your friend
that hand can not comfort you
but in the end it will lose it’s grip*

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