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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jesse Sprinkle "Beauty Shines"

Artist: Jesse Sprinkle
Song: Beauty Shines
CD: the Corner of an Unlit World
Genre: Alternative
Label: Independent

Jesse, primarily being known as a drummer does indeed have a solo career of his own. This summer he released his 4th and 5th full length recordings as a singer/songwriter. He is currently the drummer for solid state recording artists dead poetic. Young mr. sprinkle stuck his foot in the door of the industry over a decade ago with his seattle based band poor old lu. Since then he has performed with such acts as: demon hunter, starflyer 59, serene uk, kutless, the lashes, michael knott, dolour, paul wright, mike zale, robert deeble, and so on. He really enjoys thai food and driving slowly on the freeway. He finds little puppies to be very cute as well. And he wears shoes on a regular basis. Now you can feel as though you truly know him.

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