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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jesse Sprinkle "Unnoticed"

Artist: Jesse Sprinkle
Song: Unnoticed
CD: Unnoticed
Genre: Rock
Label: Blind Records

“Unnoticed” is a rich textured melodic journey into melancholy and joy, not to far akin from his fellow Seattle native Elliot Smith. Reminiscent of artist like Michael Penn and the Finn Brothers. This is Jesse's first true Solo project, opting to loose the moniker of “the World Inside” that graced his first two post Poor old Lu recordings “Roobrik and “Untitled”. Jesse, a Seattle Washington native was thrust into the music industry over a decade ago as the drummer for the legendary underground group Poor Old Lu. And since they disbanded in 1996 he has managed to stay busy as a drummer, songwriter, and recording engineer. Jesse is currently residing in the majestic village of Dansville New York, where he stays active in the realms of studio recording and live performance. Track list: Listen closely as the rivers rain down 1. The rumor of happy living 2. Unnoticed 3. First summer on earth 4. High spring halls 5. Only inside 6. Mr. Toad's wild ride 7. Alexandra 8. Penny pretty 9. Through blackened hills 10. With a whisper 11. 7 miles to friendship 12.

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