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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Radio Altar "Everything You Are"

Artist: Radio Altar
Song: Everything You Are
CD: Arms
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent

An up-and-coming voice in Christian music, Radio Altar released their first full-length project, Arms, in June 2005. Since then, Radio Altar has developed a loyal following through the appeal of their unique blend of rock, alternative, gospel, and contemporary Christian influences. Drawing upon the diversity amongst its members, the band reaches and impacts hearts across culture, age, and religion. The multi-ethnic band is comprised of David Paredes on lead vocals; Tim Elder, guitar; Joe Quadara, guitar; Josh Greegor, bass; and Cleo Cook, drums. Guitarist and producer Tim Elder provides a unique vision for the band by blending his desire to reach popular culture with his heart for worship: “Despite the methods and styles we use to deliver our music, we do not compromise or water down the potency of our gospel message,” says Tim. “The music that we play is a reflection of the joy that we have found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the comfort that comes from His Holy Spirit.”

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