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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

DPB "Wake Up"

Artist: DPB
Song: Wake Up
CD: Wake Up
Genre: Hip Hop
Label: Independent

Song Explanation:

With “Wake Up” DPB desires to encourage people to really wake up and see the importance of living right. David wants only to be the best he can be changing lives and changing the face of hip hop music throughout the world.

David Paul Brooks (DPB), positive rap artist, songwriter and fabulous entertainer, is establishing a new and positive image in the recording industry. His goal is to give our youth an alternative message in music that can set them free from the many issues they may be dealing with - in an art form they relate to. David Paul Brooks was born in Nyack, New York. He is a rapper who decided to create music that was not only positive, but with a message that could set people free from all kinds of things in their lives.

DPB performed with D.O.C. (Disciples of Christ), a Grammy and Dove nominated group, with two number one songs on Christian-HipHop.Net. He has been on the same bill as such artists as Salt \'n Pepa, Kool Moe Dee, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, dc Talk, Anointed, Deion Sanders, and many others. To add to his impressive resume of making a difference, he has performed on BET (Teen Summit) Gospel Special.

David is now a solo artist, DPB. This has taken him to new heights in music with mass appeal, to teach, minister, and he performs all around the world impacting people‘s lives. For several years he was "the Rapper" at The Basement, the largest youth ministry in the US, and other similar movements in Alabama. The ministry has also taken off nationally with the Switch in Albuquerque, New Mexico, The Club in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and The Joint in Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition, Dave has created a program for schools dealing with character education issues stressed by the US Department of Education. The Birmingham Area Music Awards also nominated DPB for a Bama Award, for Best Gospel/Christian Artist.

In February of 2008, David signed with Donna Jean Records. The first single off the recording project, “Raining Fire”, was released in April 2008 and went to number 11 on urban dance charts. It still sells well on iTunes and other digital outlets. In 2011, DPB released BORN TO WORSHIP, which combined David’s concept of worship music with his experience from his ministry travels around the world. 2012 he released the first single of his new project 3DPB entitled “WAKE UP.”


Least of These
Seth Holloway

Writers: Music – Fred Bentford, Lyrics – David Paul Brooks – David Paul Brooks BMI

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