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Sunday, February 7, 2016

EightDaysLater "It's Christmas"

Artist: EightDaysLater
Song: It's Christmas
CD: Revolution EP
Genre: Christmas, Rock
Label: Independent

EightDaysLater is a Nashville based, four piece rock group. Its audio signal, based on raw edge and energy, draws on many elements to characterize its sound and form. Straight ahead rock, urban symphonic flair, and flashes of punk-ish passion, fuel the gospel of pop and soul to a heady height of adventurous sonic and spiritual pondering.
Drawing nods from such musical influences as U2, Sting, and Incubus, EightDaysLater casts itself into the proverbial stewing pot, to form a new flavor that excites and intrigues the listener and concert comer alike. Their Christian faith challenges their views and forms much of the basis for their material, assessing social and political climates; as well as fodder for their own introspective journey. Their music and lyrics send out a call - a call for the voice to be louder, the soul to reach higher, truth to be sought, and love proclaimed.

Management and booking:
Damascus Road Entertainment
Monte Silva
P.O. Box 1169
Franklin, TN 37065

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