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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Eowyn "Escape"

Artist: Eowyn
Song: Escape
CD: Identity
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent

Escape Lyrics and melody: Eowyn Chords: Matt Bronleewee
Lyrical Meaning: It was actually very odd when I was writing “Escape.” It was the first song that I had ever written that I didn’t feel it applied to me at the time. I thought I was writing it for my sister, and that was part of it... but Jesus knew what was about to happen in my life in the coming months. There is a line in Escape that says “Escape this tragedy…” I have never really been through a tragedy until recently. On 8/12/06 my dear friend and guitarist, Matthew Hallmark, died in a car wreck on his way home from a show. I can not explain to you the sorrow I felt in the coming weeks. Two nights after the accident I went to my myspace site and heard “Escape” begin to play. I listened to it over and over as tears went unceasing. This song now meant the world to me and I knew that God was asking me to escape to His arms and begin again. In the song it says…”finish what began.” I believe that many of us have gone through things that we can’t handle on our own. Tragedies that without Christ’s help would stop us from continuing on. The biggest tragedy though would be not experiencing the love of Christ at all. Thankfully Matt knew Jesus and I will see him again in Heaven! My prayer is that for each person that listens to “Escape” they will begin to be restored to the fullness that Christ has for them! “Though many trials face me…I WILL be whole again!” God bless you! ~Eowyn

Verse 1: The walls are caving in now. The worst has yet to come. I will not go silent I’ll overcome. The time has come to rethink what I need. The time has come for freedom. Let it ring! Now will be the day, when I will be saved. Chorus: Escape this tragedy and find my way back to Your arms again. Escape reality and find my way back to what I long to be. Verse 2: Though many trials face me, I will be whole again. With every step that’s taken suffering ends. The time has come to finish what began. The time has come for justice. Understand, now will be the day, when I will be changed Bridge: Who am I without You (Repeat) It’s time to rise up. (Repeat)
*Eowyn is pronounced: A-o-win

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