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Thursday, February 25, 2016

For A Season "Let It Out"

Artist: For A Season
Song: Let It Out
CD: Lion Hearted
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent

For A Season is a dynamite packed team of guys who will keep you on your feet and captivated by their articulate musical orchestrations, stage energy, and relevant message. So what do these guys sound like? Let’s first start with the raw sound comparable to bands such as Switchfoot, Paramore, and The Wedding. Now throw some gritty Rock and Roll and a little sonic mayhem. Now you're starting to get close!
With the release of "Strength for the Weary" featuring "Get Up" rocking the radio waves, and with the highly anticipated "Lion Hearted" EP featuring "Let it Out" with renown Christian Hip Hop artist KJ52 released January of 2013 this band is gearing up for an exciting year.

For A Season consists of singer instrumentalist Brian Keating, who's warm vocals soar and connect with the audience in a unique way.

Drummer, Isaiah Orozco maintains the backbone of this explosive group with a melting pot of stylistic influence. Bassist Josh Noom is a firecracker on stage, holding down the groups groove and brings an eclectic artistic side to the group. Electric guitarists Derrick Gregory and Patrick Wilke bring an effects driven whirlwind of rhythm and hooks that usher in an entirely different voice to this mix.

With this diverse introduction of musical backgrounds and genres, For A Season has developed a style all their own. This band also brings an interesting and fresh twist of art into their already over the top performance. Bassist Joshua Noom has recently been captivating audiences with a live speed painting during the band's performances. American Idol recently requested the presence of For A Season and this unique display of artwork during the homecoming show of Colton Dixon.

2013 is starting off with the “Speed The Light” tour featuring KJ52 alongside Speaker Al Force. This tour was ignited by the band's latest music video release "Let it Out" which also features KJ52. With several events, tours, and conferences already on the calendar you will most likely be able to see these guys in a city near you very soon! The “Lion-Hearted EP” is set to release on January 13, 2013.

For A Season music is available on iTunes
Twitter: foraseasonmusic
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