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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mark Smeby "What I Want"

Artist: Mark Smeby
Song: What I Want
CD: Superfamous - EP
Genre: CHR
Label: Independent

A question: What is so bad about being a wannabe? It seems like every time the word comes into conversation it's in the context of someone who is trying too hard to achieve something that should, for all intents and purposes, be effortless. As if having a prolific output and a Devil-may-care attitude amounts to artistic greatness, rather than what happens 98% of the time: hard work, long hours, failure, detours, determination, a little more failure, and then a (usually) marginal amount of success. And then perhaps some more failure. It's the awareness of this process and these things that make a guy like Mark Smeby, and the pop gems he produces, so accessible. As a guy who moved to Nashville with stars in his eyes, a dreamer from the get-go, we can all relate in some way to the message of songs like "What I Want" and "Superfamous," songs that are fully aware of what taking yourself too seriously can do if you aren't grounded and clear of your motivations.

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