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Monday, February 8, 2016

Paradox "Behold The Lamb"

Artist: Paradox
Song: Behold The LambCD: Forever
Genre: Christmas
Label: Independent


Paradox is a band consisting of 4 family members. Jeff O’Blenis is the father and plays guitar, keyboards and bass as well as lead and background vocals. Nathan is the oldest son and plays the drums as well as singing a bit of background vocals. Curtis is the middle son and plays guitar and bass as well as lead and background vocals.

Mitchell is the youngest and plays bass, guitar and keyboards as well as lead and background vocals. Jeff & Mitch write the music for the band. Their first CD, “Forever”, is a rock opera based on the gospel of John. It tells the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ using 14 points from the book of John.

The central theme is time and how Jesus existed before time began and will return at the end of time to take His children home to be with Him forever. John 14:1-3 is the primary text and in it Jesus tells his followers to trust Him, that He will not let them down. It’s a fantastic truth that we can cling to when all hope seems lost. There is acting between and during many of the songs which help to complete the rock opera package.

They have performed it 9 times at their local church using many of the membership to act, sing and take part in the presentation. It has proven to be a very unique and effective way to present the gospel in a new and fresh way, to bring to life the stories many of us have heard from our youth.

They can be reached at
Paradox, c/o Jeff O’Blenis
19 Marlene Cresent
Boundary Creek, NB, Canada
E1G 4C7

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