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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Runway 36 "On The Backswing"

Artist: Runway 36
Song: On The Backswing
CD: Welcome To The Afterall
Genre: Rock
Label: FS Music

Runway 36 has been around a long time under various names and line-ups. But as it would seem, what we are now is what we were meant to be. We play music, of many styles, but mainly we rock. Anyways listening to an album is a good time, but watching a band is better. And if you are into watching bands play, R36 is the band you have been looking for. The stage antics of this group of 5 guys will get you moving and singing and smiling whether you like the music or not. There was even this one time the crowd was jumping so much that the floor almost collapsed underneath them. That was neat. In a Wow, we almost broke the floor! kinda way. In the fall of '04 we entered the Club 3 Degrees band tournament with high hopes of doing well. And then we won our first night there, and another, and another. That kinda freaked us out. In the spring of 2005 we won Best Rock Band at the Club 3 Degrees band tournament. And we got to record 4 songs at Fuzzy Slippers Studio, in St. Paul, MN. It was a great experience and it would lead to great things later on in the timeline here. In the early fall of '05 we released our second full length independent release "Forecast" to much anticipation. I would suggest that you come to show and pick up a copy, or two, because your friends will want one. And you could sell it to them for more than you paid us and make a quick buck and buy a soda or perhaps a candy bar. Mmmmm... Then it happened. November '05 we signed FS Productions, a label out of St. Paul, MN. Now I bet you're thinking, "Hey, does FS stand for Fuzzy Slippers?" The answer is, Yes, yes it does. We returned to the studio and on June 2nd, 2006 released our third full length album, "Welcome to the Afterall." Our most complete complex and quality recording to date. So good in fact that this album is in stores. (Which we are adding the map as we find out who is carrying it.) So keep checking back for updates, new songs, artwork, new pictures, and other hijinks. Learn the songs. Yell at us at shows using our names. Pretend you know us and make an awkward situation for us. It will be neat. I think. And if you think we should play somewhere near you, let us know. Because we love to play shows, and we will play anywhere that we can in our power.

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