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Saturday, November 7, 2015

John Elefante "Christmas Time Is Here"

Artist: John Elefante
Song: Christmas Time Is Here
CD: Christmas Time Is Here EP
Genre: Christmas
Label: Independent


This single is from the NEW EP of the same name, CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE! The EP is available for sale on John's website for your listening audience for $2.79!

In addition to being the former lead singer of Kansas, John has been a prolific songwriter, producer and industry executive! By the dawn of 2009, Elefante had produced and/or performed on more than 100 major label albums.

Through his work, he helped transform Christian hard rock from a handful of bands to a mainstream musical genre. The brotherhood had endured, and the two brothers had together achieved considerable artistic and commercial success. Elefante realized, though, that he was still a songwriter at heart. And that the ultimate measure of his career was sharing the joy of his faith; one that moved, sustained, and inspired him.
Merry Christmas!!

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