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Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Cold Vein "Neverending"

Artist: A Cold Vein
Song: Neverending
CD: Everything Leads To Erosion
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent

Yet another project from the multi-talented Mr. Sprinkle. Formed in the spring of '05 A Cold Vein consists of singer/songwriter Jesse Sprinkle (Dead Poetic, Poor Old Lu), singer/screamer Ben Taft (November Grey, And So This Ends), guitarist Bill York (Morella's Forest, Rocket to Luna), drummer Matt Doty (Shelflyfe, And So This Ends) and bassist Doug Little (And So This Ends, Everything's Ruind). "Neverending" Song Length: 04:21 Cd Title: Everything Leads To Erosion contact Jesse Sprinkle

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