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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Decemberadio "Love Found Me (Love's Got A Hold)"

Artist: Decemberadio
Song: Love Found Me (Love's Got A Hold):
Rock Mix (short intro no claps)
Rock Mix (short intro)
Rock Mix (no horns or female BGVs)
Main Mix (vocals up short intro with no claps)
Main Mix (vocals up short intro)
Main Mix (vocals up)
BGVs Down
Album Mix
CD: Decemberadio
Genre: Rock
Label: Slanted Records

DECEMBERADIO - Turn up the radio! DecembeRadio that is! Not a new station or brand of stereo, but a rock and roll band with a message. DecembeRadio is a band making sound waves across the country. Their music can be heard on nationwide christian rock radio stations also in the holland and the netherlands on where the band has developed quite a following. Their rock and roll base stems from influences such King's X, Lenny Kravitz, Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree, and Black Crowes. DecembeRadio is vintage rock with a modern edge and when you hear their sound, you'll want to turn up the radio! DecembeRadio is a band with a message to transmit. A radio is a voice box for communicating to large masses, the band hopes to communicate this message of hope. DecembeRadio is intentional about sharing this message with their audiences; it is the reason they play. The band origin comes from Virginia where Brian and Josh studied guitar as pre-teens with a guitar master and continued to develop their technique over the years. By playing with and for many artists they developed a dynamic playing ability only gained through experience. Even being in their early twenties they have played as much as many players twice their age...Mr. Clapton if you are reading this you are exempt. By adding Eric Miker on more head turning guitar heroics and Boone Daughdrill flashing his deep grooves sure to give you neck cramps for days and also coloring in his technical drumming abilities...this band is ready to make some great music that you won't hear anywhere else in today's so called rock genre.

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