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Friday, March 4, 2016

Chelsie Boyd "Silent Night"

Artist: Chelsie Boyd
Song: Silent Night
CD: The Gift of Christmas
Genre: Christmas
Label: Creative Soul Records

Being a teenager and student, 15-year-old Chelsie Boyd has a large audience not just in concert, but every day as she lives as a person in school, church, and life. "Every day is an experience for me. Just walking down the hallways of my school and seeing all of these teenagers that are involved with the wrong things makes me want to get out there and do whatever I can to spread the Word of God. Even if I only change one person, it's all worth it to me." Chelsie's parents first noticed her singing ability when she was around three-years old. They thought it was unusual for a three-year old to be able to match the notes and clap on the beat while singing along with the radio. After a stunning performance as a nine-year-old in a local musical, Chelsie caught the attention of a traveling professional musician, who told Chelsie\'s folks that she was something special. They later hooked up with Jason Hoard, a producer who was also a member of a signed Christian band, According to John. Hoard heard the potential and they released a debut CD, which sold very well. After beginning a second project, Enter In, Chelsie caught the attention of producer Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records in Nashville, TN, who felt Chelsie and her songs deserved a national audience.

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