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Monday, March 7, 2016

White Collar Sideshow "Try The Swine"

Artist: White Collar Sideshow
Song: Try The Swine
CD: WitcHunt Finale
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Industrial
Label: Independent

White Collar SideShow presents
Act II The WitcHunt

From the mind of TD Benton, alongside Travis Joiner (777 Productions) and master producer/engineer, Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee, John 5) a new chapter of life begins with White Collar Sideshow's first full length recording, Act II, if you will, titled “The WitcHunt.”

Diving deep into the heart of humanity, WCS picks up where the first performance left off. Based on actual events, they take you on an innovative, thrilling and stimulating roller coaster ride through life and tragedy. A crash course through the strange and unusual events that occur at any place and time...if we allow it. TD Benton (vocals/drums) brings back the creative and clever players:
...the brutal Herr Schwein (drums)
...the always creepy Leech (aux percussion)
...and the lovely but mysterious Faceless Woman (bass)
Together, these characters bring you a chilling and somewhat haunting performance of the soul. Before we point our fingers at each other, what is it that consumes our hearts and minds? What are the vices that haunt and torture our lives?

Hailing from Fort Smith, Arkansas-they travel the arterial highways full of passion and purpose. Looking for the amazing and spectacular, the loving and forgiving, searching for faith and the unknown. Rebuilding their minds and burning fossil fuel, trying to figure out how to exemplify true life-their journey starts once again!

Veronica Benton

“Brilliant, creative, unique, thoughtful and, thanks to the companion DVD, very visual as well. Imagine Street Drum Corps taking on life through tragedy as a critical lyrical theme!” -Doug Van Pelt, HM Magazine

“Passion runs the world and White Collar Sideshow is at the top of the stack! Unbelievable!” -Keith Anderson, Risen Drums

"White Collar Sideshow and the WitcHunt Finale paint a mental picture of terrifying brilliance fused to a clarifying ... mind boggling ... soul searching visual experience ... all enclosed within an audio wrapping of utmost creativity! STELLAR!" -Pastor Samme Palermo, The Radio Zoo & HeirChex Digital Servicing

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