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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Eyesalve "Start Over"

Artist: Eyesalve
Song: Start Over
CD: A Chance To Start Over
Genre: CHR, AC
Label: Modern Ministry Records


I don't know if this is just a wasted breath, but thought I'd say it anyways and try.

These are the opening lyrics to EYESALVE's newest single “Start Over". The song comes from the newest maxi-single release. As a native of Rochester, New York, Eyesalve is unleashing its pop-infused rock sounds via Modern Ministry Records and Sony's online distribution.

17 years. 19 members. I'm all that's left. I am EYESALVE.

Perseverance is about the only word that describes this artist. As a music director at his local church for years, Bryan Price has emerged from the shadows to release his second album in as many years.

"After several years of being on tour with my rock/metal band, I decided to change my tune and my style," says Price. Even still, Eyesalve continues to meld guitar-driven rock with modern pop sounds.

Having been a session guitarist/vocalist for numerous major artists, Eyesalve has begun the daunting task of tackling the long road of pop music's ever-changing landscape.

For Price and for EYESALVE, it's a chance to start over.

PUBLISHING: ASCAP / Price Interactive Publishing

Bryan Price

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