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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Submission Red "24 (I Want More Of You)"

Artist: Submission Red
Song: 24 (I Want More Of You)
CD: Untamed Ones
Genre: Rock
Label: Dream Music Group

Song Explanation:
“I wake up. I want you in sunlight. I go to sleep. I want you in the night. I seek your love divine for all time.”
Being the first radio single off of Submission Red's “Untamed Ones” album, many may expect this pop rock song to be accompanied by typical pop lyrics. But, in the vein of previous SR songs, listeners get to rock to hooky guitar riffs while words saturate them with scriptures and deeper meanings. Yvonne jubilantly proclaims her eternal love for God and how time means nothing when it comes to this type of devotion.

Bio :
Submission Red...changing the face of rock music today! Submission Red (Dream Records) SUBMISSIONRED.COM is a high energy pop/rock band that is sure to be a hit for those who like catchy music accompanied with lyrics that make an impact!

Led by the exuberant Yvonne Winfrey, Submission Red has been described as the epitome of rock-n-roll --having the ability to engage audiences with their on-stage passion. This dynamic band has turned heads and ears to their unique image and sound. Yvonne leads the band with thought provoking lyrics coupled with incredible energy and expression. She leaves her audiences' heads spinning from her own brand of melodies, words and blood, sweat & tears. Submission Red's mission is to be a bridge to the church. Allowing the unchurched to realize that they don't have to change to come to God. As Yvonne says, “Come to God, and He will change you.”

As Ben Kasica (formerly of Skillet) puts it, Submission Red is...“riffing guitars, hooky melodies and lyrics that poetically cut to your heart by vocalist Yvonne that has a uniquely blended voice of rock and soul...Submission Red is a band to keep on your radar.\" In a time of band saturation and sameness, SR emerges as a diverse, but very commercial act - with the songs to back all of this up!

The band has had 5 radio singles –four of which have charted. The latest “Inside” went up to 23 on Billboard's Christian Rock chart. "The Ticking Clock" went up #18 and stayed on the chart for over a month. Before that, "Good Enough" hit 20 and was #1 for 8 weeks on "Drive On", one of their loved ballads, held it\'s own as well. It was nominated for a local Grammy from the local Miami chapter. In total, SR has had five songs spinning on over 55 stations around the country and on stations around the world such as Canada, Uruguay, The Netherlands, and The Philippines.

More importantly, Submission Red is not just about the music. They are truly a passionate band that brings forth a positive message for all, especially the youth of today. Many churches, camps, clubs and youth centers have marveled at Submission Red\'s connection with their kids and have reported positive changes made in many of the young people SR has played for and hung out with. Yvonne Winfrey, their lead singer, has dedicated many years to speaking on behalf of foster care and adoption. She has fostered over 90 children in the past 7 years, and has two adopted sons who travel with the band. Many "Vision Tour" songs were inspired by her experiences with foster children and 'down & out' youth. Knowing how to balance professionalism with ministry, SR also works very closely with both government, private, and religious Foster Care programs all over the US. Their connection with foster care does not stop with the kids. Having a multitude experiences as a "professional foster parent", Yvonne also takes the time to publicly sit down with, encourage, and share advice with foster parents all over the country.

All this being said, Submission Red rocks a fun, engaging stage show and has a multi-cultural image that really inspires a crowd! No one wants to leave after a Submission Red show. They just love hanging and talking with the band –and the band really takes the time to reciprocate! Audiences are really hanging on to the words that SR is sharing.

Submission Red has got something to say and thank God people are listening.

Music Video :

Song Explanation Video :

Management :
Yvonne Winfrey
Radio :
Seth Holloway
Publishing :
Win For Free Music Inc. ASCAP
Songwriters: Yvonne Winfrey, Stevie Benz, Robert Foldy, Ryan Horner

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