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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hollywood Heroes "You Lift Me Up"

Artist: Hollywood Heroes
Song: You Lift Me Up
CD: Eternity
Genre: CHR, AC
Label: Independent

“You Lift Me Up ”

When the struggles and circumstances of life overwhelm us and threaten to sink our ship, we need a lift. YOU LIFT ME UP is a prayer to God asking for his help in navigating the course that is set before us, a reminder that it is God that orders our steps.

Bio :
No one knows how much time they have to spend on this planet. With that in mind, we should spend our time doing the things we love the most. This is how the members of Hollywood Heroes believe they should live out their lives. For Jon, Mike, Matt and TJ life is filled with opportunities and openings to dream big and live out a message of hope and love in a world that could use a pick me up. Their music is filled with lyrics that are meant to inspire and encourage the people of this generation to refuse to just sit back and watch their lives pass them by. That idea of being a beacon of light in the darkness inspired the name Hollywood Heroes. It’s about an entertainer choosing to use their influence and resources to make the world a better place. It’s about choosing to be a hero because underneath our individual selfish desires there is a hero in all of us.

The four members of HH grew up in the small town of Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. The boys roots run deep in the community where their parents all went to school together and their grandparents were friends. Each one enjoyed the simple life of a small town, and each was drawn to music through different avenues. Playing worship music in Church and at Chapel was always a big part of their lives, and helped them to hone their individual skills. Soon the boys found themselves writing and composing their own music in basements and on laptops. It was all about posting their tunes on myspace for friends and family to check out. After High School everyone went their separate ways, some choosing school, while others traveled to places like Thailand, New Zealand and Europe.

During the summer of 2008, Jon and Mike had travelled to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territories of Canada. It was during this time they started working on music with a new sort of vibe. Combining influences of pop, rock, punk, and electronica they started what would become Hollywood Heroes. TJ soon became involved and by the end of the summer they had created two songs and continued to collaborate through the school year as all three went back to college.

At the end of the college semester in 2009 the members decided they wanted to pursue a career in music full time, and in August 2009 began to work on an album. It was at this time that Matt joined the band and became the fourth and latest member of Hollywood Heroes. The fall and winter of 2009 were spent rehearsing, writing, and playing shows. Mysteriously in 2010, Jon experienced the total loss of his voice. No one seems quite clear on the exact reasons, but by the summer of 2012, he was beginning to sing again. In the fall of 2012 Jon started the machine again, and began work on two new singles, which are nearing completion. The first single, entitled Shanghai Skyline is in the final stages of mixing.
Management : manager@hollywoodheroesmusic.com615.308.8886
Radio :
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