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Friday, February 26, 2016

Kronicles "Take My Life"

Artist: Kronicles
Song: Take My Life
CD: Illuminate
Genre: Rock
Label: Sound State Records

Kronicles has been an underground musical force for many years, largely known for their alternative, aggressive rock sound coupled with a powerful live performance. In early 2011, the band decided to take a break from touring and begin experimenting in the studio. The result was a uniquely crafted sound that fuses Kronicles’ signature rock style with a blend of electronic / dubstep overtones. The new sound created such a buzz that it received industry attention prior to any singles being released, and some are calling Kronicles a pioneer in this new genre they call Rockstep.

“We’ve never felt as musically charged as a band as we do now. There was always a desire to incorporate electronic elements into our music, but the timing just wasn’t right. Now that all the pieces are in place, our new sound feels like a natural progression rather than a new direction”, says Kronicles’ frontman Danny.

The band is finally ready to unveil their latest songs to the world and share the love of God along the journey. The affection they have received from their fans, aka Kronies, continues to energize and fuel them forward. Kronicles is excited to have signed with Sound State Records and released their EP entitled “Illuminate” in September 2012.

In addition to touring and playing numerous festivals across the country, the band has opened for such well-known artists as Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, and the Whosoevers featuring Sonny from POD and Head from Korn.

Publishing: SESAC

Dan 973-476-5465

Take My Life: (LYRICS)
When I fall down you show me truth.
Like a carousel that goes around and around and around like a vicious cycle
I hear you again and again and again calling out my name.
Take my life.
Make me whole again.
I’ve been searching for so long.
Take my life.
Make me whole again.
I’ve been looking for so long.
Through my mistakes I live for you and all I face, you pull me through.
Every day I find myself but losing you. So won’t you come and take me far
We all fall, we all know, we need you, we love to blame
There’s no other, we want to feel your flame. Fire
We are not left on our own

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