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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tom Sluberski "Christmas In Asia"

Artist: Tom Sluberski
Song: Christmas In Asia
CD: Christmas In Asia
Genre: Christmas, PSA
Label: Gospel For Asia

Christmas In Asia

Tom Sluberski

Verse 1
Christmas In Asia, abandoned children walk the streets
Christmas In Asia, another night nothing to eat
they walk in darkness, bare feet
Christmas In Asia, millions wander with no hope
Christmas In Asia, what can I do I'm just one
what can I do I'm just one

Give me your bread, give me your fish
I will multiply, I will multiply
Give me your heart, take up your cross
And you will see what I can do, through you

Verse 2
All I want for Christmas, to be His hands His feet
To see the love of Jesus, walking down the street
Meeting the needy where they meet
All I want for Christmas, to see His hope light the way
For millions of souls in Asia, let it be done in Jesus\' name
Let it be done in Jesus' name
copyright 2008 Christmas In Asia/Tom Sluberski

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